Meet Sara

Artist  Statement

Welcome to my little house of art , where passion and expression have no limits.   My casita  is home to  acrylic and oil paintings as well as collages made from recycled materials .

Art has always been present in my life,  My mother, an accomplished artist, is the base of my artistic knowledge and source of my inspiration.  She not only inspired by example but gave me the freedom to discover my own creativity.  One of my favorite memories  is painting a mural with my sisters.  My mother woke us up, one fall morning, with the idea of painting the walls leading to our bedrooms.  She told us to paint anything and everything that popped into our 12,10, and 6 year old minds, transforming our walls into a masterpiece of imagination.  I attribute my freedom of expression today, to that childhood memory.

Drawn to recreate the beauty that  beholds my eyes in everyday life, I rely on my camera for collecting subject matter.  People, buildings, landscapes, or moments; anything my eye captures through the lens.   Natural light  and shadows play a key role in what draws my attention.  Photos allow me to seize my first thought, fueling my mind, and spark the beginning of my creative process.  Later I expand or simplify on a canvas, never leaving my artistic license out of the composition; paint and brush strokes conveying life on a canvas...instruments for communicating, my vision. 

My collages are developed in two and three-dimensional forms, mainly from discarded items.  Wherever my walks through life take me,t he ground is an endless source of material  for my imagination.  Bottle caps,nails,wire,broken cds, glass, tin can lids, even brake pads!  From the moment I pick something up I know exactly how I plan to use it, incorporating the material with paint and second hand jewelry to form a unique composition.   I thrive on knowing I am creating life from discarded treasures.  My recycled art are my visions from the ground to your heart.  

Please visit my Casita De Arte nestled in the passion of my heart.  I look forward to greeting you.  

Sara Spanjers’ Casita De Arte      520-731-1620

© Sara Lee 2013